A Moment Within Eternity


She jumped.

She was here just a moment ago, looking beautiful and alive.

He squinted as he forced himself to look over the edge of the eighteen story building. She didn’t look beautiful anymore.

Their relationship up until now had been a fairy tale. Talented Hollywood screenplay writers get paid very handsomely to dream up stories as romantic as theirs. Admittedly she was always a little messed up, like a bird with a broken-wing, but that just made him love her more. He wanted to fix her.

He would give anything to kiss her again; to hold her once more. He peered over again and felt sick. No more looking over the edge, it made him queasy.

Her last words to him where delivered with the upmost clarity, “If you want to love me forever, you’ll have to follow me anywhere.”

He was alone now. Would he be alone for an eternity, or would he be with her?

Falling wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. He saw people’s faces, just as they realized what he’d done. By the time he reached the ninth floor he was content with all and at ease. As he flew by the third floor, he heard her say, “What took you so long?”


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