Short Stories

Nails Casting a Large Shadow

“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” Matthew 10:34

Before writing a cozy, I produced the polar opposite. A first-person narrated story of a pure psychopath. Have You Ever Heard of The Lent Killer pushes boundaries. The notion of his imminent death pulls a man into extreme measures. He is a suffering from delusions and focused on a single objective: immortality via infamy. His goal is to kill forty people in the forty days of lent. Everything planned to culminate in the assassination of a US Senator on Good Friday. But as any sane or insane person can agree: plans don’t always work out.

red feathers-boas, heart shapeHot Tramp verges on insanity. A prequel and a teaser to my first novel, Straight Men in Gay Bars. Defiantly un-wholesome and definitely not PC. But rather bizarre and edgy. If cozy is thy cup of tea, Hot Tramp is not for thee.

Eric is preforming a new social stunt by wearing a red boa to Vancouver’s hottest gay night club, Celebrities. His plan is to reprimand men as that try to pick him up; insisting that it is wrong to assume that all cross dressers are gay. It’s a dumb idea, but Eric is drunk and he enjoys the foolishness, besides what could go wrong?

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