Short Stories


Nails Casting a Large Shadow

“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” Matthew 10:34

Before writing a cozy, I produced the polar opposite. A first-person narrated story of a pure psychopath. Have You Ever Heard of The Lent Killer pushes boundaries. The notion of his imminent death pulls a man into extreme measures. He is a suffering from delusions and focused on a single objective: immortality via infamy. His goal is to kill forty people in the forty days of lent. Everything planned to culminate in the assassination of a US Senator on Good Friday. But as any sane or insane person can agree: plans don’t always work out.



red feathers-boas, heart shapeHot Tramp verges on insanity. A prequel and a teaser to my first novel, Straight Men in Gay Bars. Defiantly not good and wholesome. But rather bizarre and edgy. If cozy is thy cup of tea, Hot Tramp is not for thee. I delight in ruining the day of conservative thinkers. We are all the same. We crave acceptance in a world of freaks. We want to be morally acceptable and yet at the same time uniquely different. Gay, straight, white, black or in between, we all just want to ourselves, even though must of us have no clue who we really are. I’m a straight boy who wears a red boa to a gay bar. I’m weird, I’m here, get used to it.


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