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Death in Halfmoon Bay is a cozy mystery about the ruthlessness of politics within a retirement community. Suzanne Rickson knows this first hand, for she’s been framed for poisoning the strata treasurer, Adeline. Suzanne suspects that her long-time rival and the current president, Regina Snow is the murderer because Adeline was expected to overthrow her in the upcoming elections. Suzanne attempts to convince both the police and her own family of Regina’s guilt, but mounting evidence always points back to Suzanne as the killer.

Cold alcoholic cocktailSex, alcohol and softcore philosophy.

My first novel, Straight Men in Gay Bars is a semi-autobiographical account of my exploits while living in the gay district of Vancouver. My wife challenged me to write a romantic comedy. And I responded, “I do have this concept in my head. What if I wrote about how I met you and our torrid affair?  I’ll call it CockRocket.”

My wife said, “Wow, not a bad idea. Except make sure you don’t say anything bad about the people we know. And for God sake, change the title.”

I quickly learnt that no one tells the whole truth in their memoirs. It’s self-cannibalism. My autobiography became a work of creative non-fiction. Part true, part embellished, Straight Men in Gays Bars deals with my emotional conflict of loving two women at once and my battle with alcohol addiction.

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