Hexmark – A Cursed Horse of Liu Bei in Romance  of Three kingdoms  

My friend Ty writes about legendary horses though out history. This lastest blog tells us about Hexmark, a cursed horse.


Hexmark  was a horse of Chinese warlord Liu-bei. It was said that this white horse brings misfortune  to those who ride it.  The name comes from a marking on the forehead. Yet, according to an ancient  book, Wei-Jin shiy, this mount once leapt across a river to save Liu Bei from  enemy soldiers.

Some years later, the warlord allowed his military advisor, Pang Tong to ride Hexmark while commanding a siege. This time, the enemy mistook Pang Tong for Liu Bei and bombarded him with arrows, killing him. The prophecy was fulfilled, not for the first rider, but the second rider. In another version of the story, Liu Bei’s head bodyguard/general, Zhao Yun. took the horse from a bandit chief after killing him in a battle, making Liu Bei the second rider and Pang Tong the third rider. 

Despite how popular this story is, a Chinese historian, Sun Sheng, clarified…

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